Getting A Limousine In The Hectic City Of New York

new york limousine

New York is a massive bustling city and it’s hard enough to catch a taxi in the big Apple. So, how do you suppose getting around a limousine would go? With a city that has traffic as hectic as New York, is a limousine even practical? You’d actually be surprised. While the city isn’t exactly the easiest city to get around, there’s different limousines for every occasion, every person and for someone on every budget.

So what kind of different limousine services can you get? First, you have the classic limousine that everyone knows and is used to seeing, then you have the stretch limo when you want to appear extra fancy and then finally, you can get the exotic stretch sleek hummer limousine. It may not be the most environmental friendly option, but you’ll definitely arrive in style and outdo any of your friends.

When we say there’s a different limousine out there for everyone, we literally mean for everyone. When you come home from work, when you have a stressful day or when you’re going out to a special event, you want to relax. You don’t want to be reminded of the working job, you don’t want to be reminded of the daily struggles you face every day. You simply want to relax and that’s what limousines offer. They can help you kick back and relax.

In New York City, relaxation is now offered in the form of luxurious rides and limousines. The limousine market in New York has shifted and some manufacturers are even making limousine rides out of sedans and executive vehicles like classy SUVs.

The Stretch Limousine – When you see a car like a Chrysler, a Lincoln or a Cadillac, just imagine that car has had its torso stretched out and that it now offers rides to strangers heading to a party. That’s a stretch limousine. They’re normal limousines that have been stretched out.

The Custom Limousines – Limousines aren’t just for parties and weddings, you might even see some custom made limousines for business executives and high roller VIP. They’re a bit more expensive than the normal limousine ride but they feature far more elegant interiors and a much smoother ride.

Bus Limousines – If you’ve never seen one, you’re in for a treat. Bus limousines are almost like RVs or luxurious campers and while they come at a hefty price, you get rewarded nicely with a LCD tv, some surround sound, a dance floor, light up floors, some steam equipment, a  full bar and more.

The biggest problem today facing New York limousine companies is that they’re focusing so much on luxury that they’ve forgotten what people really want. What percent of people do you think the wealthy and high executives make up? It’s probably less than one percent. What people want is affordable luxury so that they can experience the comfort of a stylish limousine but they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. So while new York is getting better, they’re still forgetting about the basics.